YAZIO PRO Subscription Cancellation

If you purchased YAZIO PRO on our website at www.yazio.com, you can use this form to cancel your subscription. Alternatively, you can also cancel directly in the YAZIO app under Settings.

Please note: If you purchased your subscription directly in the app, you cannot cancel it using this form.

For in-app purchases, please use the cancellation options provided by Apple or Google.

Subscription Cancellation Form

Simply fill out the following form to cancel your subscription. You will then receive an automatic e-mail confirming we have received your request. The cancellation itself will be confirmed in a separate e-mail.

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Please ensure you have provided the correct e-mail address, as we will use this address for confirmation of receipt.
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You can find your User ID in the YAZIO app ⚙️ Settings under 🔒 Account.
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Your cancellation request has been received.

We received your cancellation requestion on at . Please save or print this page for your records. You will also receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail.

Your cancellation will be processed within the next few days and a separation cancellation confirmation will be sent to you. We ask that you please refrain from further inquiries until that time.

We hope to see you as a YAZIO PRO user again in the future!

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